Your Net Worth is Not Your Worth

Your Net Worth is Not Your Worth

Often, we are taught to believe that our worth is in direct correlation to our net worth. This belief comes from living in a work-obsessed culture that frequently defines individuals by their careers or status.  When this type of misguided message seeps into your thoughts, you begin to make financial decisions that don’t make sense for your goals or lifestyle.

“To move forward, choose a goal that inspires you.  That’s all the motivation you need.” – Tony Robbins

Be careful not to fall into the comparison game. This is dangerous as it leads to spending habits that are out of line with our intentions.  When planning your financial future, it is best to consider what excites you and ask yourself how you can incorporate that into your financial goals?  Knowing what energizes and motivates you will allow you to follow the path to generate a meaningful life.  Instead of asking what you can do to make your net worth grow; ask yourself, how much income can I make doing what I love, and how can I make sure that amount provides me with security, savings, and a home.  It’s not what you make; it’s what you do with it that counts.

“There’s a sense that time is precious. You should enjoy and thrive in what you’re doing to the hilt.”  – Ruth Bader Ginsberg

 When creating your financial goals, understand that money is fluid. It comes and goes. It is not meant to be trapped or stagnant. Money is a tool for advancing and for sharing.  It is often thought of as power but instead, I invite you to imagine it as something that provides joy, generosity, and is freeing. When you let go of the control and fear that money holds by understanding it has a natural flow, you can create the life you dream of living, your grip will loosen, and your worries will subside.  This change in mindset allows you to be in harmony with your finances.

Your worth as an individual is powerful and meaningful.  Your finances compliment your lifestyle but do not define who or what you are.  At Gail Sylvester Mortgages, we see you and your goals and how they work together. We will create a financial plan that fits your lifestyle in helping to define motivating goals.  Together, we will build a plan that gets you there!

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