What is your Money Mindset and How Does it Affect your Mortgage?

Your money mindset, positive or negative, will influence every part of your decision-making ability.  If you were taught that money is the cause of endless trouble, you most likely identify with the following phrases:

  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • you have to spend money to make money
  • money is the root of all evil
  • more money, more problems
  • money can’t buy you happiness
  • there will never be enough money

If you always have a pull towards the negative when it comes to making and spending money, you will always expect adverse reactions and outcomes.  These negative thoughts will limit your choices and decisions around financial growth and wellbeing. 

How can you begin to turn your thoughts around?  Let’s explore three ways to begin to change the way you think about money.

  • You Find What You Seek:  You may have heard the expression, “you will find what you seek.” If you want to buy a Toyota, suddenly you will see Toyotas everywhere. Your thoughts are fixated on a Toyota, so they will appear.  This happens because we all seek to validate what we believe.  If you believe a lot of people drive Toyotas because they are great cars, you will seek to verify that belief by noticing all the Toyotas on the road.  This search for validation is true of all things, including money. If you expect that money will always work against you, that is what you will set out to prove. You may hold assets or investments that are working for you, but you will not take notice.  Once you can stop and take note of the possibilities before you, only then can you begin to appreciate the value that money holds. 
  • Money is Fluid: Begin to change your mindset around money by thinking of money as fluid. Money comes and goes and is merely an exchange for something else.  It is like any other commodity. You give something to get something.  When we begin to let go of money as something that has to be held tight, and allow ourselves to understand the fluid motion of the give-and-take, it enables us to loosen our grip on the negative thoughts that surround the concept of money, or lack thereof.
  • Develop a New Money Mantra  When you have a property that has value, instead of focusing on the expense of the asset, begin to see the opportunities this asset can provide for you.  As your mortgage broker, I will be able to show you the possibilities that exist, or the gaps that need to be filled, to achieve your financial goals. 

With a positive mindset, you will begin to know and understand:

  • Money is meant to come and go
  • Money is a shared resource 
  • Money comes to me as I need it
  • I don’t want money; I want what money can provide (identify what that is for you)

Armed with these thoughts, you can begin to let go of the grip of negativity around money.  Money is not magic.  Allowing money to have power will never satisfy your deep desire as money in itself is worthless; it is what you get in exchange for money that has value. 

To find out if money is limiting your choices when it comes to your mortgage – let’s have a call to discuss your goals and your financial future. There may be a better solution for how to organize your money and get you on a better path to financial freedom. 

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