Thank You for TWO Readers’ Choice Awards !!

Thank You for TWO Readers’ Choice Awards !!

To say I’m grateful is an understatement. Having the privilege and the honour to work with so many people and so many families during the past 14 years of brokering, is a gift that I have not taken for granted. This industry is not easy. The constant changes in policies, the craziness of our housing market all while helping to guide and advise clients during a very emotional time in their lives, has been a journey. But as I have gone through this journey with you, it has been my greatest journey to self as well …

When I entered into the brokering space in 2007, all I knew was that I loved helping people, feeling their excitement of purchasing a new home and the rush of figuring out the solution to a problem. Yet, I had zero knowledge of self-employment, so I winged it, making many mistakes that led to many gains. I gained many new friends in my clients, my colleagues, and my industry partners.

My life changed, for the better. I grew as a person, as a Mom and as a mortgage broker. I worked many many hours with lots of sacrifices and enjoyed all the highs and lows as there was always something to learn. As my kids got older, I was now able to expand my business and it was then, that I made the move from my home office after 10 years, into a separate office, outside of my home. Now the lines weren’t so blurred anymore, I was starting the transition of separating home life and work life. Which I’m sure, will always be an ongoing learning curve.

If we fast forward to today, this past year I moved both offices and homes – all during the pandemic, great timing 😉 But, in hindsight, it was a gift. With this move, I gained 2 amazing ladies on my team, who help keep me in balance as I can and sometimes still do, blur the lines of work and home. But with their support and love of their jobs, it makes it much easier to turn off the computer after a full day.

If you know me, you know I love what I do. I am pulled to help guide, educate and help people as well as my team. I want to help empower them to grow and evolve into the amazing women they are and make sure their lines don’t get blurred with work and family too. We are all growing and evolving, you just have to find your pull to what inspires you … and you that are reading this and my clients, are what inspires me.

Individually for the first 13 years of business and collectively together during this past year, we have helped many many families and will continue to do so, with your trust in us. We cannot thank you enough for trusting us, inspiring us and allowing us into your lives. This year, we have received both the Diamond Readers’ Choice Award for Mortgage Company/Services and the Platinum Readers’ Choice Award for Mortgage Broker and this is honestly, such an honour, that I don’t take for granted, nor do I take lightly. It is truly humbling as it is voted by you, the readers and my clients. From the bottom of our hearts, we Thank You !! Without you, we don’t exist, nor do we get to do what we love to do to .. serving You 🙂

I look forward to our next chat when we discuss your mortgage needs. But don’t forget, at Gail Sylvester Mortgages, we are also here for More than Just Mortgages ….

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