We are taught to save for a rainy day, and while this is a good idea, in theory, it creates a false sense that money is limited. It can leave us feeling like if we spend our money, we cannot get it back. This scarcity mindset often evokes fear and anxiety around finances.

At Gail Sylvester Mortgages, we encourage our clients to think about money as fluid. Money comes and goes throughout your life, meaning sometimes you will have more and sometimes less. That is the ebb and flow of finances with changes to life circumstances and stages. As we move through our careers (or change careers), we will experience different levels of income, savings needs, and spending needs. Spending needs are also fluid and peak at different times. When your kids are going to post-secondary schooling, for example, there will be an extra drain on your finances. Properly preparing for these moments will help ease the financial stress and allow you to enjoy what life offers you.

Facing Limiting Beliefs

Having the belief that money is finite creates toxic energy. This limiting belief blocks you from attracting the wealth you deserve as it keeps you in a place of scarcity. Being open to the fluidity of money will allow you to slowly let go of the scarcity mindset and trust that you will have what you need when you need it. This shift in mindset is not easy, but it is possible.

We at Gail Sylvester Mortgages encourage and help you create a positive money mindset with solid plans to get your money working for you. When you have a solid plan, you can trust the plan, which gives you the freedom to allow the flow of your finances. The right mindset and the right strategy will begin to eliminate stress and get you excited about your finances.

Trust in Your Plan

Like all plans, you may have to exercise flexibility by making some changes along the way. Our award-winning team will be here to walk you through the steps if circumstances change or you want to review or revise your plan at any stage.

“Where energy flows, energy goes. To get where you want in life, you need a clear goal with a purpose and meaning behind it.” – Tony Robbins

Once your goals and purpose have been identified, you will be ready to set your plan in motion and trust that the plan will work. We are here to help you manage your financial wellbeing eliminating limiting beliefs around your options and limitations. There is always a path to get you there – it may take time, sacrifice, and hard work, but if you stay the course, you will reach your goal, and the reward will be worth it!

Call, e-mail, or DM today to discover how we can get you set up to reach your mortgage and financial goals. We are MORE than just mortgages, and we are always here to help.

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