Can a Mortgage Broke Change Your Life? You Bet!

Can a Mortgage Broke Change Your Life?  You Bet!

Your home is the biggest and most significant purchase you will make in your life. Is the person helping you do this important? In two words – You Bet.

It’s all about understanding.

We love conversation, and we encourage our clients to tell us everything about their goals and dreams!
A life-changing Broker understands your financial picture and where your mortgage fits into your overall plan and lifestyle. This is SO important to ensure the right product is put in place.

As a rule, your housing costs shouldn’t be more than 30-35% of your gross income.

Creating a budget that divides income into areas of interest gives the homeowner breathing room and means to manage additional expenses such as investments, cars, entertainment, vacations, pets, kids, family needs, etc. The term house poor refers to homeowners who have dedicated significant parts of their income to their living expenses, consequently lacking funds to do much else. It is easy to get caught up in the buying process but ensuring you have disposable income to live a life of passion and excitement is paramount to your overall happiness.

Owning a home is an amazing accomplishment, but it must be balanced with the ability to lead a joyful and fulfilled life.

We understand this need for home and lifestyle balance at Gail Sylvester mortgages. Finding happiness in your everyday life includes having the freedom to enjoy the leisure activities and luxuries that feed and soothe your soul. This is where true bliss lives!

We have long-standing relationships with many lenders who accommodate various income streams, from contractors to entrepreneurs to self-employed. We pride ourselves on being able to help as many clients as possible achieve their goals through a vast array of financial products, including equity options, refinancing, renewing with improved terms and rates, and specialized options for unique circumstances.

At Gail Sylvester Mortgages, we recognize life is not linear.

As your financial partner, we are honoured to have your business and trust. We change your life by offering you the absolute best possible option for your current circumstances. We work with you to achieve any additional financial or real estate goals. In life, our situations are constantly changing. We build in flexibility, allowing homeowners to change with their circumstances. We know that we are in this together. Our goal is to ensure our clients feel safe and secure with their decisions now and in the future.

Let’s chat about your next financial steps – give us a call, DM, or E-mail to get the conversation started. We are MORE than just mortgages, and our door is always open.

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