I don’t  work for any one bank or lender – I work for you!  My goal is to be available to you at your convenience, not just during the 9-5 business hours.

My services are free as the lender pays me their fee.  I am the one who shops the market for you – calling me is like calling different lenders including banks, credit unions, or trust companies. And, as a one-stop shop, only one credit bureau check is required.  Did you know that it is possible to disqualify yourself from getting the best rate when your credit bureau rating is pulled too often?

Due to volume of business, lenders often give mortgage agent clients deeper discounts or better terms. Healthy competition and a solid brand offers you the best finance terms.

As a Licensed Expert, I appreciate your business.  I want to do an exceptional job for you because I want your referral business.  My success depends on my service to you!  I am committed to follow up, to keeping in touch, to sending you updates, to making your financial status comfortable and mortgage-free.

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